Today we're officially launching into the public test of the new Kilmer's Farm Market website.  It's the same store you know with a fresh coat of paint and some great new abilities to make your shopping experience with us faster than ever.

On this page, we'll walk you through how to get set up, use the new store, and put in new orders. Thank you for being a Kilmer's customer.


There are two great new features for you to use while you shop.   But first, we've updated the shopping table that you knew and used before. To get back to familiar ground, just go to the Shop and you'll find a table layout just like you used to use.

Quick Order

The quick order form is similar to the table, but you type in each row to find what you need.  We're still working on perfecting it and there may be bugs, but we hope you'll find it a massive time saver.

Search & Filtering

Our new product search is designed to save you a little time.  Instead of scrolling through row after row to find the items you need, now you can find them with just a couple clicks.  Using the search you can find exactly what you were looking for, and to use the filters, click on the items you want to see in the list.  Very helpful when you're only trying to find fruits.

Using your account.

Great news! Your old account information should work just great.  Here's some stuff you'll want to know:

  • On your first order you'll need to input your address again, we haven't got that in our new system.
  • You'll input your school name as "company name"

If you have any problems logging in here, please contact us and we'll help you get your orders placed on time. To login, just to to My Account or hit this button


Known Bugs

There are some bugs we already know about and we're working on getting them fixed ASAP. If you see anything else that isn't behaving how you're like please use this button to let us know!

Item Removed From Cart

You may receive an error at checkout telling you that some items have been removed from your cart.  We customize the offerings of our site for every customer and sometimes, right now, you might accidentally get to see and buy items that you can't purchase or are out of stock.  That's why you're seeing that message. If you're having trouble making a purchase please email and we'll help you out.

Report a Problem

 Incorrect Product Counts

Some pages may report having 10 products when they clearly have 6 or 8.  This is a known bug related to our customizations for you and we're working on resolving it ASAP.

Report a Problem

If you're on Internet Explorer.

We know a lot of you have to use older versions of internet explorer to place your orders.  Sometimes older versions of Internet Explorer don't work with modern web pages as well as we might like.  We've taken some steps to fix things that come up but if you see any problems please use this link to report them to our developers

Report a Problem


Any Questions? Email Us.

We'll get right back to you as soon as possible.